Wooden Door Malaysia

Looking for high-quality wooden doors in Malaysia? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. We provide high-quality wooden doors throughout Malaysia. We create custom doors that suit your style preference.

We can supply extraordinary wood doors from a broad selection of materials and designs. Now, you can have a door that will welcome you with warmth while reflecting your style.

Wooden Door Malaysia

Benefits of Buying Wooden Door in Malaysia

      • Looks– Wood remains to be the most popular material for doors and it is not surprising why. Before going too far with its advantages, the look and appeal of wood make it a top choice for a door. Its natural appearance exudes a warm and welcoming appearance. The craftsmanship behind it also speaks a lot, adding to the overall appeal.
      • Versatility– Wood can be cut and conformed to various designs and sizes, making it an excellent option for custom doors. You can have it stained or painted to any color. The versatility of wood allows you to have a traditional or a modern door, or a door made of light or dark wood, simple or intricate. You end up having the door that best suits your style.
      • Durability– Wood has been used for many years not just for doors but for other applications as well. Solid wood is incredibly strong and with developments in construction, it can last for years. It will offer security and reliability over its lifetime.
      • Energy efficiency– Wood door provides a good insulation and can keep a room hot or cold as needed. This is helpful if you want to keep your home hot or cold.
      • Sound resistance: Wood is also a great option if you are concerned with noise reduction. Among door materials, wood can cut down traveling sound substantially.

Why Choose Our Wooden Door

  • High quality: Top Doors takes pride in manufacturing and supplying top quality wooden doors that can match any architectural design. We can customize doors to suit your preference. Our doors are made from prime quality lumber and finished carefully to your design specification. Our team works following high industry standards from designing to finishing.
  • Affordable: Our prices are competitive among door manufacturers in Malaysia but you can be sure that we do not compromise on quality.
  • Functionality: Whether you are looking for a front door or interior door for your home or place of business, we can provide what you need. We have talented designers to come up with a wide range of design solutions that meet your needs.

How much does a wooden door cost in Malaysia

The prices of our wooden door vary according to the following factors. Please give us a call so we can give you an accurate quote.

  • Construction: You can choose from either a solid or composite wood. Solid wood costs more than composite or engineered wood not only because of its alluring look but also because of its durability. Even if you choose our composite wood, you can be at ease that it also lasts for years for our composite wooden doors are engineered carefully.
  • Customization: We have readymade designs that you can choose but you can also go for bespoke wooden doors though this could mean increased cost. However, with a customized build, you can have a unique door that adds a statement to your home.
  • Installation: Labor charges may also vary depending on the installation required for your door such as when it needs a frame or not. If your door is not standard in size, it may also cost more to install.

FAQs of Buying Wooden Doors in Malaysia

Is wood ideal as an external door?

Yes. Wood is a popular material for the front door because of its warmth and charm. It is also solid and sturdy. There is a vast array of options for you when you are looking to have a new wooden front door.

What are my options for wooden doors?

When it comes to construction, you have two main options for a wooden door, and that is solid wood or composite wood. As opposed to solid wood, composite or engineered wood is made by binding wood strands, fibers and adhesives to form a composite material.  

Do you offer a free quote?

Yes. Feel free to contact us today and we will gladly assist you.

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