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A toilet door is often overlooked, yet it deserves much attention for among other doors in a house, it is the one that is most exposed to moisture.

The high moisture level makes toilet doors more prone to damage. Thus, you need a high quality toilet door in Malaysia, which Top Doors can provide. Find out more about our toilet doors.

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Benefits of Buying Toilet Door in Malaysia

Durability: Toilet doors are designed to withstand humidity and moisture. Commonly used materials for modern bathroom doors are PVC or polyvinyl chloride and fibreglass. PVC is a plastic polymer available in flexible and rigid forms. The latter is used for making doors. PVC doors are lightweight, durable and customizable, and so with fibreglass. They are ideal for bathrooms compared to wood that is prone to warping and steel that is prone to rust.

Aesthetics: Many of today’s toilet doors are highly customizable. Even if you opt to buy readymade doors, you will be surprised at the wealth of options. From sliding to swing, bifold or panel doors, you can surely find a toilet door that will match your room design. Of course, you can also freely have one custom made according to your preference.

Increased property value: A stylish toilet door that is built to last is certainly a welcome addition to any property and can increase its value. If you took time to scrutinize over having classy yet durable toilet doors in your home, it can be a good selling point.

Functionality: The variety of styles being offered today for modern bathroom doors allows homeowners to have functional doors that suit their lifestyle, room size and other considerations. You can have common single panel doors or elegant multiple panel doors that provide a wide entrance. If you have limited floor space, there are many chic sliding toilet doors that you can choose from.

Why Choose Our Toilet Door in Malaysia

      • Quality: Top Doors has always been proud to offer top of the line doors and that include our toilet doors. From manufacturing to delivery, we keep a keen eye to monitoring and control. We have designers who carefully plan them to your satisfaction. We use only premium materials for utmost durability. Our toilet doors can withstand moisture and differences in temperature.  

        Customizable: We also take pride in being able to customize toilet doors to suit your style and size preference. Whether you want space-saving sliding doors, plush swinging doors or modern bifold doors, we got you covered.

        Affordable: Top Doors also offers competitive prices for we do our best for our products to meet most budgets and price points of our valued customers. We diligently source out suppliers offering low prices for materials so we can be able to keep our prices low without compromising the quality of our toilet doors.

What’s The Price of Toilet Doors in Malaysia

Our toilet door prices vary depending on material, size, customization, design, frame and other variables. Materials include wood, steel, aluminium, fibreglass and vinyl. Your affordable options include aluminium, vinyl and fibreglass though there are other variables to consider.

If you are on a tight budget, you can browse through our products and you will surely find one that meets your needs and style.

Custom made doors often cost more than readymade ones. If you need a new frame, door handle and hinges, these things also add to the cost. To get an accurate quote on a toilet door, please call us and we will happily assist you. We have doors for every price range.

FAQs of Buying Toilet Doors in Malaysia

What is my most affordable option for materials for a toilet door?

Fiberglass is an affordable option when it comes to toilet doors. It is resistant to water damage, so it is also ideal for bathrooms.

Do you also install toilet doors if I order?

Yes, we do so you would have no problem finding an installer to install your new door.

Do you offer a free estimate of cost?

By all means, yes. We would love to assist you in finding a new toilet door and give you an estimate of costs free of charge.

How do I go about ordering a new toilet door?

You can check the available toilet doors in our gallery, call us so we can arrange a visit, or provide you a quote.

What types of toilet doors do you offer?

Based on function, we have sliding doors, swing doors, single panel doors, multiple panel doors and more. You can also tell us the style of door you like and we can arrange proper customization design.  

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