PVC Door Malaysia

If you are looking to buy PVC doors in Malaysia, you are on the right page.

PVC is a popular material being used today for doors and windows. It stands for Polyvinyl chloride, but this name will not make sense unless you are a chemist.

PVC is widely used because it is durable, affordable and flexible since its composition can be altered.

PVC Door Malaysia

Benefits Of Buying PVC Door in Malaysia

  • Insulation properties: If you are concerned about having a door that contributes to energy efficiency, PVC can deliver. It allows you to keep your home warm or cold as necessary, so your air conditioning does not go to waste. It ranks on top compared to other materials in terms of insulation.
  • Economical: Probably the main reason why PVC doors have been widely used is that it is economical. Its low cost does not mean it is less worthy. It may be because of the use of non-wood. Since it is low maintenance and durable, it is certainly worth the investment.
  • Durable: The good thing about PVC in terms of durability is that it is moisture resistant. It repels water, making it an excellent material for use in bathrooms or main doors. It can last a lifetime as it can also withstand differences in temperature, not to mention it cannot be damaged by termites.
  • Low maintenance: PVC doors are easy to maintain, unlike wood that is prone to warping and steel that can rust. Routine dusting or wiping is enough to keep it looking new.
  • Easy to install: PVC doors are lightweight, so installing it requires less effort.
  • Flexibility: The compositions of PVC make it flexible. When mixed with other components, it can result in different characteristics that suit every type of home design.
  • Ecofriendly: If you are particular about buying environment-friendly products, PVC doors are an excellent option. It can be recycled, and under normal conditions, it does not emit harmful chemical fumes.

Why Choose Our PVC Door

Sturdy: As mentioned, PVC is a durable material. It is highly resistant to UV rays, it is waterproof and it will not shrink or expand over time. We are proud to offer a wide selection of PVC doors that you can use for a long time for various applications such as toilets, gardens, and main doors. We also offer them in various types including folding, sliding, and swing.

Secure: We understand that doors need to be secure to keep intruders away. Our PVC doors are secure because the material is composed of a tough chemical structure. When fitted with our high-quality locks, you get maximum protection.

Customizable: Aside from PVC being a very flexible material since it can be formed into various designs, our team offers broad design options you can choose from. With the help from our talented designers and dedicated staff, you can have the perfect PVC door that matches your taste. Our doors are also easy to match with PVC windows.

What’s The Price of PVC Doors in Malaysia?

Our prices vary depending on size, type of door, and customization. We would be pleased to assist you so call us right now to discuss your options and provide you with an accurate quote. Rest assured we have PVC doors for all budgets.

FAQs of Buying PVC Doors

What type of doors do you offer with your PVC doors?

We offer folding, sliding and swing doors, which means you get to choose from the most common type of doors.

Folding doors offer wide space and passage if you are looking to have a door that can provide quick and easy access to your home when moving large furniture or hosting parties. Sliding doors require minimal space around the doorway, which makes it the best option if you are short of space.

Lastly, swing doors are the most widely used type of door if you want yours to be traditional.

Do I get a warranty when I buy?

Yes, each of our doors is backed by warranty for that is how we stand behind our product.

Which style of PVC door suits me?

To know which one suits you best, determine your key considerations and match it with a door’s characteristics.

For instance, if there’s somebody in your house that has to move with a wheelchair, it is best to consider doors that offer space such as sliding or folding doors. In terms of style, our PVC door is easy to customize. 

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