Fire Door Malaysia

Looking for a fire door in Malaysia at an affordable price? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Fire doors are doors that can withstand fire for a certain period. They are tested against fire and elements and are rated for fire-resistance.

They are often used as passive fire protection as it helps spread fire. Top Doors offers high-quality fire doors in Malaysia if you are looking to improve your home or business premises. Find out more about our product.

Fire Door Malaysia

Benefits of Buying Fire Door in Malaysia

  • Helps people escape during fire: When open, a fire door can help occupants of a house or building escape fire for as long as possible. Ordinary doors are not capable of withstanding heat and fire longer than fire-resistant doors. Though fire doors differ in rating, which means some can endure extreme heat for only 20 minutes while others can go as long as 90 minutes. This should be enough for people to evacuate a building on fire.
  • Can be a barrier to help stop the spread of fire: When close, fire doors can help lessen property damage by acting as a barrier. For instance, you protect a room where you store important documents and belongings by using a fire door. In case of fire, the door will somehow stop the fire from penetrating for as long as it can hold. The time it withstands fire should be enough for the firefighters to put it off.
  • Soundproof: Unlike typical doors, fire doors are more soundproof. This is because of the way fire doors are engineered and how their materials conduct sound waves. You can consider having a fire door if you are concerned about reducing noise from the outside.

Why Choose Our Fire Door

  • Built with innovative features: Our fire door can come with helpful features for maximum protection. It has matching hinges, door handles, and locks. The edges have a seal designed to expand when temperatures reach more than 200 degrees Celsius to seal the gaps between the frame and door. This also seals smoke and gas. The solid material makes it very durable as well.
  • Can be customized: Our fire doors are not what you imagine to be, assuming you are thinking of a heavy steel door that looks like a door to a vault. We have various doors that can be used as fire doors, allowing you to choose from different finishes and styles that will match your current home design.   
  • Reliable for sound reduction: Due to the materials and the way a fire door is constructed, it is more soundproof than typical doors. It has solid material that helps muffle sounds; it has sealed edges that reduce the amount of sound that goes through and it is usually thicker which keeps sound at bay.

What’s The Price Of Fire Doors in Malaysia

The price of fire doors in Malaysia varies in price according to fire rating, customization, and design. Contact us and we can give you an accurate quote.

FAQs About Buying Fire Door in Malaysia

What makes fire doors different from standard doors?

Fire doors are built to withstand fire for a given period, which typically is around 30 minutes, allowing inhabitants to escape. They can be a solid construction or a special core such as wood composite or flax board. Unlike ordinary doors, fire doors are fitted with special seals to stop the spread of smoke and fire.

Do I need a fire door at home?

Fire doors are typically used in buildings as additional protection from fire, though they are also mandatory to some residential buildings or local government. If you own a small home with easy access to exit during fire, it might not be very necessary. If you own rental properties fire doors could be a smart way to prevent further damage. Fire doors are also a good investment to protect your business from damage caused by fire.

Can I choose the style of my fire door?

Yes, you can. The market today allows many doors to be fire doors so you have huge design options. We offer sliding, screen or even shutter doors. Choose from our wide selection just browse through our gallery or feel free to call us and we will happily assist you.

What does rating in a fire door mean?

A fire rating does not automatically mean the amount of time a door will withstand fire. For instance, a fire door rated 60 does not mean it has 60 minutes to withstand fire. It only means that when it was tested under controlled settings, it held up for 60 minutes. However, in real application, other factors can reduce this estimate such as heat intensity. In order to do you good, fire doors must also be fitted with the right closing mechanism.

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