Security for homes and business premises should start on their first line of defense, the door. Aside from installing high quality door locks, security doors offer additional protection. A security door is specially designed to be more durable than regular doors using materials that make a property harder to break into. Before you buy, ask your supplier important questions to make sure you are getting the right product and trusting the right installer for a worthwhile investment.

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List Of Questions To Ask Your Security Door Company Before You Buy

What is my security door made of?

It is important to know the materials used for your security door to know how it will perform. Your choice security door should be constructed using superior materials to withstand impact. You will find that many companies offer screen doors constructed with stainless steel mesh so that it will be difficult to break into. Be sure you are not buying mesh that is made of aluminum for it is a cheap but weak alternative to steel.

What warranty comes with my security door?

Most companies offer up to 10 years warranty on high-quality security doors, so it is worth asking. Warranties indicate how door suppliers back up their product.

Can I order security door that can match my home’s style?

If you are particular with the security door’s aesthetics, many door manufacturers now design them in a more appealing look, unlike what people usually envision them to be which is clunky, institutional looking. You now have greater options and it is great if your door supplier can provide that.

Do you offer security door installations?

It is better if they will be the one to install the security door because they know their product very well, and they are the best one to install it. Keep in mind that a poorly installed door might not do what it is supposed to do. The door should fit snugly into the frame.

What maintenance does the security door need?

While most security doors require just a little bit of maintaining, it is good to know what you can do to help extend the life of your security door and make the most of the money you invest in it.  

Do you have after-sales support?

It is also worth knowing if the company will perform occasional maintenance to ensure that the door is keeping its promise, though by design, security doors are very tough. After-sales support could be more of a preventative such a regular lubrication to protect the door.


When buying a security door, it is better that you have it custom made. Consult a reputable supplier and installer for their expert recommendations. A high-quality door can boost your property’s value should you decide to resell in the future. If it includes a screen, it can prevent mosquitoes from entering while giving you privacy if you leave the door open during hot summer days. If you have time, compare a few models and get price quotes before making a decision

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