Wood doors offer a rich sense of character and other benefits, making them a classic favorite. Whether as an interior or exterior door, wood can deliver appeal and functionality. As a renewable resource, wood can be regrown. The manufacturing process also creates less impact on the environment. However, like other materials, wood also has some downsides. Take a closer look at its pros and cons to help you understand if it is worth installing in your home.

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Pros Of Wooden Door

Security: A wood door fitted with heavy-duty locks is very secure that it can persistently keep burglars out. Their sturdy nature offers real peace of mind compared with other door materials. Whether it’s a solid door or a high-quality composite door, wood can be a great choice when it comes to security concerns.

Aesthetics: Wood offers a warm appeal. They are widely used because of their beauty that no other material can mimic. Whether you want a traditional style or a modern door to complement the look of your home, wood can certainly help you reach your objectives.

Durability: The best quality timber can last for many years, making it a good investment. The superior strength of wood allows them to withstand heavy use, providing you the best protection and security.

Insulation: Wood has an excellent insulating property that keeps a room warm or cool as needed. That means it is great for use internally or externally. This results in lower electricity costs.

Sound absorption: Wood has acoustic properties that make it cut down traveling noise substantially. If you are concerned with keeping a room quiet, wood is a good choice for interior doors.   

Versatility: Wood is a remarkable material in terms of versatility. It can be designed in a range of styles, sizes, and shapes or painted and stained in various colors and finishes.

Cons Of Wooden Door

Moisture absorption: Wood absorbs moisture, making it rot. However, this can be solved through maintenance. You can paint it with water-resistant varnish or finish it with paint to avoid swelling or cracking. Use of high-quality paint can keep your wood door protected from weather conditions.

Cost: Wood door can be costly upfront. However, when you look at the many advantages of a wood door, you will be putting your investment to good use especially if you are able to buy an excellent quality product from a reputable door supplier.

Termite infestation: Wood is prone to termite infestation. With proper maintenance and prompt action, you can avoid this problem. Wood can be treated against termite invasion, so it is best to keep a close eye on the first signs of these pests because it can damage not just your wooden door but other parts of your home as well.

Wood has been widely used as door material and it is easy to see why. The material is readily available and trees can be grown for renewable resources. The warmth and beauty of wooden doors make them ideal for traditional or contemporary homes and structures. It may have some drawbacks, but these are very few compared to its substantial benefits.

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