It has become essential for homeowners to practice security measures and improve safety at home. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, your door will be your first line of defense so it is just fitting to seriously think about having a security door installed. A security door is not your ordinary type of door. It is fitted with stronger frames, hinges, and locksets to help prevent unauthorized entry or withstand force from extreme weather conditions. It offers a higher level of protection than a regular door, so expect a higher cost. If you are looking to buy a security door, it helps to have a few pointers in mind so you can make a worthwhile investment, and avoid the following common mistakes.

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Not checking on quality certifications   

It is easy for door suppliers to just categorize a product as a security door. Companies can make either low quality or a high-quality door. They can cut corners if they want to just to reduce production expenses. They can use substandard materials that can lead to products having issues in the future. To be sure, your best practice is checking the certifications to see if the doors meet standards for strength and quality.

Not getting good quality handles and locks

No matter how strong and durable your security door is, if you do not have a superior quality lock, it will be useless. The lock and handle are among the most important components of a security door, so it should be made by quality brands. It is also best to go for mortise locks rather than mounted locks. The body should be located inside the door’s framework or a lockbox to ensure that it cannot be easily broken by smashing.

Not choosing powder coated doors for corrosion

When choosing security doors, you are likely to choose between a painted or powder-coated finish. The paint is not heat resistant, so you may have to spend time maintaining it later. Security doors are commonly powder coated after the galvanization process. This offers the advantage of being corrosion resistant, though powder coating may not stay intact for many years. It still depends on the environment. If you live in a coastal area, the powder coating may strip off over time. You can avoid this by choosing a door that was powder coated from its framework and small components and maintain the door with a simple cleaning.

Choose a security door that suits your home’s unique style. Fortunately, many door manufacturers now offer a range of colors and designs so that you end having a nice door that does not look like you are inside a prison. You also have the option to have a customized door. While these are more expensive than readymade, generic doors, you can enjoy one that has been specifically made for your home. You will have a door that has accurate measurements and character that suits your sense of style.

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