Security doors are virtually indestructible, but they do need some maintenance to help extend their life and make the most of your investment. Regular maintenance also keeps it looking new. Security doors are more expensive, but they provide additional protection for they are built strong enough to withstand force. Here are the dos and don’ts in maintaining your security door.

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Do’s When Maintaining Your Security Door

Powder coat: Powder coat instead of paint, because the paint is not heat resistant. Powder coating also offers the added benefit of being resistant to corrosion. It can protect the door from dust, scratches, and other environmental elements.

Clean regularly: To clean, mix a quarter cup of dishwashing detergent with a gallon of water. Dip a sponge or microfiber cloth in the solution and wipe down the door until you remove the dirt. Rinse using clean, warm water. Replace the solution with another solution of half a cup of baking soda and one-gallon water. Use it to clean stubborn dirt and the handles. Repeat on the other side and dry using a clean absorbent cloth. If your door came with a specific cleaning agent, use it. You may also use car wash and wax.

Inspect the hinges, frame, and locks regularly: Check for any worn parts and fix as necessary to prevent more serious damage that can compromise the performance of your door. Constant use may loosen screws and locks, so tighten them and replace them when necessary. You can also consider repainting and sandblasting, so check if your supplier has after-sales service.

Don’ts When Maintaining Your Security Door

Do not use high-pressure water: High-pressure water can damage the powder coating or paint of your security door, so refrain from using it. It is better to use warm water in your cleaning solution or rinsing.

Do not use abrasive materials: It is best to take care of your security door by using a gentle cleaning solution so avoid harsh chemicals. Also, refrain from using abrasive materials that can cause scratches and damage to the surface. You can work on rust by wiping them off with a cloth.

Do not use excessive amounts of water: Excessive amounts of water can cause rusting if you do not dry your door immediately. Moisture can also penetrate in hidden parts and the inside of your locks. When your door is reached by a heavy downpour, it is a good practice to wipe it off to dry immediately.   

Like any other major home appliance, your security door needs some TLC if you want to keep it looking good and working at its best. Regular inspections will help you address problems immediately. This will ensure your reliable door can help keep burglars away at all times. The simple tips mentioned are not very difficult to follow. If you live near a coastal area or your door is exposed to harsh weather, you may need to maintain your door more frequently. If not, a monthly cleaning will do just to wipe off dust and prevent dirt build-up.

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