Continued use and environmental conditions can cause significant damage to wooden doors. If your door is worn out, you do not have to throw it away immediately. A serious restoration may help save it. Gather up materials such as sawhorses, painter’s tape, screwdrivers, sandpaper, stain or varnish, and allow a couple of hours to spend saving your good old wooden door.

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Step-By-Step To Restore a Wood Door

Remove the door from its hinges.

If you have a heavy, solid door ask help to do this. Open the front part, lay some wood blocks under as support. Tape the pins upwards to remove the hinges using a flat head screwdriver. Lay the door flat on your sawhorses. Remove all the hardware for you to be able to restore it correctly.

Sand the door

Sand down the door completely. By all means, use a power sander for the flat surfaces though the details should be by hand. If there is glass, protect it using painter’s tape.

Remove traces of sawdust and apply the stain

Vacuum the sawdust and wipe the door. Using a paintbrush or rag, saturate it with stain and wipe off with a painter’s rag.

Apply exterior varnish.

Let the stain dry and coat the door with varnish, also called spar varnish or exterior varnish. This will help protect your door from moisture and UV rays. Reapply as needed. You can choose matte or glossy finishes.

Hang the door.

Let the varnish dry and reinstall all hardware. This is also the best time to polish brass fixtures if you have them. While the door is still on the sawhorses, you can seal the top and bottom edges with a coat of finish. Put it back on its hinges.

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Additional tips To Restore a Wood Door:

Work under a shaded area. Ideally, it is best to work in the shade so you do not expose the door to the sun while applying varnish or stain.

Is it an external or internal door? External doors need an extra layer of protection while internal doors require a balance of decorative aspect.

Thorough preparation is important. When restoring doors, thorough preparation is necessary. Do not avoid stripping a door back for not doing so will just put your hard work to waste as it can affect your finished wooden door.

Protect glass panels. Regrets are always at the end. Protect glass panels with painters or masking tape. You should cover it to prevent any damage when staining or applying varnish.

Paint properly. If you choose to paint your door, make sure that the surface is primed and protected so that your paint adheres well for a durable finish especially if you are working on an external door that is exposed to elements. Choose a high quality paint that can last for years.

With proper knowledge and preparation, restoring a wooden door can be fun to do once you see the finished product. You can even make the most of your investment and not just discard your door if you choose to restore it.

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