Wood brings a feeling of warmth and homeliness as a natural material. Despite the growing popularity of other materials, wood remains a classic favorite. Construction of wood doors evolves, matching it with different elements of modern design, personal style, and durability objectives. The choice of a high-quality wood matched with prestigious craftsmanship let you own a perfect door for your home or office.

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Select the types of wood

These are just some of the most popular types of wood for doors, but you can ask your door supplier for the type of wood they offer and their differences.

Mahogany: it is probably the most popular material for doors or other wooden furniture. It is a tropical hardwood and famed for being the hardest, strongest, and best quality wood. It is also favored for its warm yet rich color that takes well to stains, finishes and polishes.

Pine: Pine is great for rustic homes and interior doors. It is clear and knotty and ages well with various finishes.

Cherry: Cherry is reddish and has a tendency to darken when exposed to sunlight so it is ideal for interior doors. It is a smooth wood with the closed grain.

Oak: Oak can be red or white. White oak features beautiful grain when unfinished. Red oak stains more evenly than white oak. Both are excellent for any style.  

Solid or engineered wood?

A solid wood door is made from a single piece of timber, offering a natural aesthetic appeal and sturdy quality. Though this brings an elegant finish, it can be time-consuming and challenging to process. Engineered wood, which is more commonly used for doors, is built using compressed and laminated layers of solid wood. It is easier to paint and maintain and is typically less expensive than solid wood. Companies use premium quality hardwood layers that appear to look very similar to solid wood.

Choose the style of wood door

The common styles of wood doors include hinged, panel, flush, French, pocket, and bi-fold doors. The most common one you see is hinged single doors that require space for them to swing. Panel doors are a classic when it comes to wooden doors. They often have three to four rails and stiles. Flush doors are simply a flat slab with a surface being a hardwood veneer. French doors offer wider openings and are often made with glass panels. Pocket doors slide into a wall, while bi-fold doors open by folding in panels or sections.

When it comes to choosing the right wood door, you have plenty of options. It is important to make the right choice for your door and play an important role in your protection and security. Wood makes an excellent choice and picking the one that is most suitable for your needs lets you have a worthwhile investment. High-quality doors last for many years. It is also important to find a reputable door supplier that can cater to your needs. Aside from offering plenty of door selections, their doors must also be made of premium materials.