It is imperative that we take measures to keep our home safe and secure to protect our valuables and most especially, our loved ones. All the luxury you have will be useless if you do not feel secure inside your home. Start with your door because this is the main point of entry in your house. A high-quality security door is a worthy investment for it protects you in many ways.

Types of security doors

Single door: This is the most common type of security door and is ideal if you just need a basic front door. Most manufacturers offer to customize these doors to match your needs.

Double doors: This type features a main door and another door that can also come in various styles.

Mesh doors: This is another common type of security door that features a steel mesh screen that cannot be ripped off or kicked easily. It can come with a removable glass panel that offers benefits.

Laser doors: This is a modern type of security door that allows a higher level of customization of steelwork

Provide optimum protection

Unlike ordinary doors, a security door is a reinforced door designed to provide better protection. It is fitted with a stronger frame structure and lock sets for optimum security of properties. It is tested extensively to meet high standards. It can be fitted with durable grilles and heavy-duty hinges and locks.

They have stronger resistance against extreme weather conditions

Compared to most available in Malaysia, security doors boast stronger resistance against harsh weather. They are built to withstand corrosion the best way possible.

Improved locking system

Most security doors are combined with a superior quality locking system for enhanced protection against forced entry. No matter how strong a door is, if the lock can be picked easily, it will not serve its purpose.

They have strengthened door hinge

A solid security door will be useless if not matched with robust hardware, such as thick hinges. The best ones have heavier than usual hinges that are industry tested to hold door panels for almost a lifetime.

Sound insulation and fire resistance

Manufacturers now develop security doors that offer better sound installation and fire resistance compared to regular wooden doors. This gives added benefit of being able to evacuate safely through your door in case of fire.

Security doors are built to make homes and business premises safer and more secure. That is why they are also fitted with durable locks, hinges and frames apart from their robust material. They are constructed in a way that they are difficult to deform.

To own a security door that serves its purpose, make sure you are buying a real one. To be classified as a security door, it must pass certain requirements such as impact test, lever test, probe test or knife shear test. Check if the door has passed these standard tests for you to get a good deal and make the most of your investment.

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